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A website that meets your requirements and needs, as well as those of Google and the GDPR. This is what Globawork offers at the lowest rates! Having a good website is essential these days. Your target group searches for solutions online, or even buys them there. With a Globawork website you can create a website with your own specific style.

We create the design for your website completely based on your wishes and demands. You can also supply a WordPress template that we integrate into our web tool. Your website will have all the important security, from an SSL certificate, https in your URL to SFTP and SSH security. This way you make a trusted impression on visitors, and they feel like they can safely send their information via contact forms. 

We provide our web development services for € 30 per hour and can design a website for you starting from 10 hours, once your website texts are complete. Are your texts not yet keyword-proof or not yet written? Work with one of our experts to understand your exact needs and create something valuable.


In accordance with legal requirements and expectations of your customers

SEO-oriented texts
We deliver informative texts with proper keyword density

Your property
Your domain is your property and easy to transfer

Business email
Create email accounts for staff with your own domain.

Best price/quality ratio
Thanks to Globawork's low rates 

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1. Exploratory conversation

We have a questionnaire with which you can easily indicate what your wishes are. Our team is very curious about your ideas. We will go through the answers to the questionnaire together so that everything is completely clear.

5. Development

As soon as the design is fully approved, we start developing the website. We first build it in an environment in which we can test everything carefully. Of course, we also check the user-friendliness for mobile phones and tablets.

2. Non-binding offer

Based on this information, we will issue a tailor-made offer. If we agree, we continue the process to step 3.

6. Testing

After we have completed step 5, you will be given the opportunity to extensively test the website. Additions or changes are easy to make.

3. Concept design

The designer starts by creating a homepage, based on your needs. You will of course be given the opportunity to provide feedback on the design.

7. Publication

100% satisfied? Then we will ensure that the website goes live. If desired, you can use our hosting packages.

4. Continue design process

When the design is approved, we continue with the other pages. This results in a prototype so that you can provide feedback.

8. Maintenance

We also offermaintenance packages, so we can ensure that your website is always fully up to date and secure.


From blogs to web shops: WordPress is a suitable platform for many types of websites. More than 455 million websites worldwide currently run on WordPress. With WordPress from Globawork you receive an interactive website for your blog or company. For example, you can supply a template that we integrate into our web tool and transform your website using your own unique style.

Plugins open a lot of doors for your website visitors. Think of booking systems, forums, fundraising, live chat systems, etc. It can also offer a creative alternative to a full-time customer service department. With a knowledge base, we upload FAQ's so that people can type in a question and find the answer immediately.


A Globawork website comes with https in the URL, and an SSL certificate. This is a visible way with which we secure your website. This, together with a privacy statement, enables you to collect contact information from your website visitors in a GDPR-responsible manner. With SFTP and SSH security, you can, amongst others securely share files with customers on your web shop.

Your web space, databases and e-mail accounts are maintained 24/7 in the background with a backup. We store up to 200 versions of your website at a European data center indefinitely. This ensures that your data, website texts and design are securely copied and that you always have access to them.



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