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Online marketing is a broad concept. Whether you're publishing a text on your website, running an ad on Google or trying to attract more customers through social media, it is all a part of online marketing, with many different options available. This is great because not everyone has the same goals. Therefore, Globawork offers advertising and social media management, internal and external blogs, link building, and more.

Whatever your objective, having a good looking, functioning and SEO-proof website is essential. After all, this is where almost all leads generated online are led to. A website is truly the business card of the 21st century. If you don't have a (good) website yet, check our web development solutions for a functioning website with the lowest price tag in the Netherlands!

As soon as your website is ready, we can start setting up an online marketing campaign together. It is important to clearly state your objectives, in order to be able to properly measure the results during the campaign. We will discuss this extensively with you and can offer commercial advice. We will then make a non-binding proposal for (one of) the possibilities below.


SEO-oriented texts

Let us publish blogs and website texts with proper keyword density.

Link building

Increase your position on Google by having our network link through to you.

Google Ads

Outsource the creation and management of Google Ads to us.

Social media ads

Reach your target audience when they scroll through social media.

Social media management

Let our marketers run ads, and our VA's create post.

Create an account in our Globanet and order!


SEO-oriented texts

Two birds with one stone

Let us help you draft texts for your website or blog. Our texts are both informative for your target group and keyword-proof!

Link building

Global network

We offer access to a worldwide network of high-scoring websites. Have it link to your website for a better position in Google!

Google Ads

The complete package

Online marketing + web development offers ease to creating the advertising page. From creating the advertising page, to creating and managing the Google Ads!

Social media ads

Reach your target audience

Social media advertising is one of the best ways to reach a specific audience. Use big data to your advantage!

Social media management

The lowest rates

Ads should be created and managed by marketers. Our VA's match this well with posting posts and managing the chat!


There are many different reasons why companies invest in online marketing. One wants to inform its returning website visitors with an internal blog, and the other wants to generate more warm leads through advertisements. That is why we have set a number of objectives to be achieved for organic and paid website traffic below.


- Substantive content for your target audience

- Keyword density in SEO words

- Overview Google Analytics/My Business

- Greater website visitors

- More analysis options


- More warm leads

- Filter options in target group

- Profitable campaign

- Scalability with success

- Great brand awareness


Online advertising includes running ads on platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Companies do this in exchange for online sales, requests for quotations and brand awareness. The goal of every campaign is ultimately profit; what do I get back for my expenses? We therefore take this as a starting point and use the following ground rules to realize profitable campaigns on every platform.

Minimize costs

From clicks on Google Ads to those on Facebook, minimizing their costs is crucial. After all, returns are determined by revenues - expenses.


Your Globawork remote marketing department consists of real data freaks. Based on the results, they redistribute the budget to the best performing ads.

Maximize interactions

By creating a separate ad for each keyword/demographic characteristic, we maximize the involvement of your target group with a personal approach.

Specific target group

The best way to advertise products/services is with a high profit margin. We recommend recognizing target groups that purchase these products/services to create a high profit margin.


Globawork puts a unique spin on delivering its services, as we work with professionals from all over the world. With such a broad pool, we guarantee that you will find the most suitable marketeers for your campaign.


Our employees have an affinity with your industry, or even have training and/or work experience in it! We work with native speaking Dutch emigrants in third world countries in order to be able to offer the lowest rates to our customers, as well as an above average salary to our Globaworkers. Besides Dutch, all our Online Marketeers speak English fluently and even German, French or Spanish.

For example, a Globaworker in Kenya who works part-time, can already live off that income for two months, while we pay three times the average income in Mexico. This results in us attracting the best people who we link with a suitable client along with our unprecedented rates. Work with Globawork and increase your productivity while reducing costs. 

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