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Globawork takes care of your SEO and SEA work. Let our professionals put your vision and strategy into practice.

We create and manage advertisements with experienced marketers, we write texts with keywords that you want to be found on, and we blog externally to increase your position in Google through link building.

Online Ads

Not only can we manage and create ads in Google Ads or Facebook Advertising,  we can also create the design for the page that people are referred to!

Link building

We have a worldwide network of high-scoring websites. Let us blog for you on a website in your industry that ranks better in Google, to increase your ranking! Don't we have a partnership in your industry yet? Then we will lay a new one.


A true colleague at a distance; that's how you will experience a VA from Globawork. Outsource your support tasks to a professional for the lowest price in the Netherlands.

Our virtual assistants use the strenghts of remote working. In this digital era, there is less and less work that requires physical presence, which enables you to hand over peripheral matters to a remote employee!

The lowest rates

By working with out freelancers who are based in third world countries, we can not only provide a good salary to our Globaworkers, but also offer the best rates to our clients!

A guaranteed match

Globawork has a worldwide pool of Dutch professionals to match with our clients. We choose someone with a diploma and/or work experience in your industry or with the tasks to be performed, to guarantee a sustainab match.


Have your website built and hosted by Globawork! Doing this will result in a website that meets the GDPR and Google requirements, for the lowest price in the Netherlands.

We let a web developer that has affinity with your industry create your website, by selecting it from our worldwide pool. We spare you the hosting costs for a year and offer you access to the login environment of your own website.


Globawork delivers websites with https in the URL and an SSL certificate. This allows you to work with contact forms and to process this data securely. Secure file transfer is also supported in the background using SFTP and SSH security.


With our web tool it is possible to integrate WordPress templates and plugins into your own website(s). You can think of booking systems,  forums, fundraising, live chat systems etc.


Need help with your graphic design, corporate identity or other printed matter? Globawork has the right answer for you. Our specialized graphically trained Globaworkers help you from A to Z in realizing your print assignments. We can assist you for temporary assignments but also for long-term cooperations.

Our graphic designer have years of experience in the various printing techniques and possibilities in the graphic field and work with the latest software. Besides the print and digital part, we can also take care of your video montages, ranging from simple YouTube videos to high-end video montages.


To describe it simple, CMYK is the color mode that is intended for printing ink, such as for professional business cards. RGB is the color mode that is intended to determine screen displays.

The more color added in the CMYK mode, the darker the result will turn into. The more color is added to RGB, the lighter the result wil become.

Video Codec

When it comes to transporting and storing uncompressed raw videos, it can result in a huge amount of data that has be able to be sent over any connection, no matter how strong or weak.