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About Globawork

Globawork started as an internet project of a Dutch marketer. Since the start of the Corona outbreak, we have grown from a network initiative into a real company. Through collaborations with freelancers and companies in the developing world, we provide remote commercial services for the lowest rates.


Our goal is to be there for the mission and vision of the customer. In every entrepreneur there is a visionary with an idea of ​​what a market will like and we are happy to support them. Globawork makes it easier and cheaper for companies to grow. Because Globawork works with the lowest rates, we also open doors for the smallest entrepreneurs.


Globawork exposes new markets and reinvests its gross profit. As we grow, we increase our rates and are able to let the salaries grow. For example, our Virtual Assistants have doubled their earnings over the past 2 years, while our rates have remained well below the market price. Together with our clients, we increase the standard of living of the Globaworker, which makes us very proud.



The customer is King